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Meet Draycott's professional pet groomer

Ardent animal lovers, Cyril and Sue Bishton established the Brookside Boarding Kennels & Cattery in Draycott, Derbyshire, 25 years back. The kennels and newly refurbished cattery are set within 2.5 acres of grounds in the countryside, ensuring it's safe, secure and peaceful. Our dedicated team and pet consultants ensure that your pet feels at home by giving them:

•  A clean, temperature controlled environment

•  Nourishing food and comfortable beds

•  Spacious, green play areas with exercise compounds

How will your pets be safe at Brookside Boarding Kennels & Cattery?

You should be at peace knowing that we consider numerous things before allowing a pet to board, such as:


Your pet's needs: You are expected to provide information about your pet's allergies, special needs, likes and dislikes.


Inoculations: We reserve the right to refuse your cat or dog if not fully vaccinated. Provide the up-to-date vac certificate when leaving your pet at our centre.


Food: Information about your pet’s special diet, if any, has to be given in advance. Besides that, your pets can enjoy the large stock of dried and wet food options, we stock.


Bedding: You can bring a bed from home to help your pet settle in faster or use one of our regularly washed beds.


Medication: Your pets will be provided with all types of medication including diabetic insulin injections.


Emergency vets: Your pets are insured with Pet Plane for the time they are with us.In addition we have an on call emergency vet 24/7, 365 days a year.

Dogs playing in our compound

Give your pets that extra love and care they need. Let our professional pet groomers pamper them at our homely centre in Derbyshire. Call us on:

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Cats enjoying a hearty meal

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